Picture of Keith Underhill

Rev. Keith Underhill is the Circuit Superintendent Minister. He also has pastoral charge for Wantage, Grove and Childrey churches.

Keith came to Wantage with his wife Liz and two adult daughters, Amy and Becca, in September 2016 having previously served at Alton Methodist Church in Hampshire.



Picture of Ian Griffiths

Rev. Ian Griffiths joined the circuit as Minister of All Saints and Trinity, Abingdon in September 2014.

Ian grew up in the New Forest and is married to Tabitha who grew up in Wolverhampton and has been an accredited Local Preacher since 2001. Following training in Birmingham, they went to serve in rural Norfolk and Suffolk and then in Bradford. Ian says that it has been a real privilege to discover the wide variety of ways that God calls people and leads them in their discipleship in those very different places and, if there has been an overall theme in the places they have been it might be summed up in this question, “How can we be the most effective Christian presence here?”

Music has played a significant part in the lives of both Ian and Tabitha although they come from very different traditions. Tabitha grew up with Rock music, learning drums and percussion, whereas Ian had a more classical start, learning various instruments but sticking with the Recorder. Renaissance and Baroque music is his more natural home, although he has played everything up to and including contemporary jazz.

Wherever Ian and Tabitha have been in ministry, from training in Birmingham with Anglicans, United Reformed and various others, right up to today, there has always been an ecumenical component. So Ian is glad that ecumenical working will continue with ‘Church in Abingdon’.

They look forward to discovering what God is doing, and where God will lead them.



Picture of Katherine Pickering

Rev. Katherine Pickering has pastoral charge of Didcot, Wallingford and Milton Methodist Churches.

Katherine was born in Wantage and is now back in the area after a long time away! She grew up first in Weymouth and then near Warrington. She studied physics in Oxford, worked for a few years in microelectronics research at GEC in Wembley and in more recent years has been a primary school teacher in Harrow. She trained for ministry at Wesley House in Cambridge and this is her first appointment in circuit ministry. She wants to encourage people of all ages, children and adults, to find new ways of encountering God and to share God’s love in the community.

Katherine enjoys cycling and walking and is interested in Christian art. She is married to Ian and they have two adult children.



Picture of Selina Nisbett

Deacon Selina Nisbett comes to the Circuit as a Probationer Deacon, a member of the Methodist Diaconal Order. For at least two years she will focus on working with Trinity and All Saints churches in Abingdon before moving on to focus on another section of the Circuit and finally on to the third. However, from the beginning she is a member of Circuit Staff and sharing across the Circuit is encouraged.

Selina is a single parent and will live in Abingdon with her three sons, Aaron, Nicholas and Jonathan, and her second daughter Helena. She leaves behind her eldest daughter, Sofia, her son in law, Pete, and two granddaughters, Olivia and Jessica.

Selina's background is in Infant teaching, with a specialism in the preschool years, and She has a particular love of children’s art work and sees much scope for developing and deepening an understanding of Christ through the use of the image. She expects much of her ministry will be in the community, in schools, preschool, through the children’s centre run by Action for Children, toddler groups, the uniformed organizations, and of course in the groups on a Sunday for the children.

Since coming out of teaching some years ago Selina retrained as a domestic violence worker and worked out of the police station in Tunbridge Wells. She has spent time in Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells, ministering in a dementia care home and facilitating a bereavement group. She is an accredited member of the Society of Bereavement Practitioners and a "Dementia Friend".

Finally, Selina says:
"I am very aware of the incarnational aspect of diaconal ministry and seek to bring the presence of God, the all-embracing love and leading of Jesus and the creative empowerment of the Spirit into the places I enter.
I also come to be part of your church family, to share in your joys and sorrows of life, to grow in faith with you, and to experience the surprises that will no doubt pop up from time to time, and open doorways into God’s heart.
With love and blessings to you all. "